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3 Things You Didn't Know About Pandas

It's come to my attention that most people aren't aware of the Panda's history or even their special powers. Cupcake addiction aside they are very interesting creatures.

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  • 1. Pandas Have Laser Vision

    Their laser vision can be used to generate cupcakes out of thin air or burn holes in things. It can also be used to fend off their attackers. Pandas rarely use their laser vision in the presence of humans.

  • 2. Pandas Have an Amazing Cloaking Ability

    Pandas are able to blend into their environment. The photo above was taken seconds after the Panda enabled it's cloaking shield.

  • 3. Pandas Come From Outer Space

    The original 3000 pandas that decided to call Earth home arrived on our planet 178 years ago. Their home planet Pandadadia was too close to a dying star and had the pandas stayed there their race would have been wiped out.

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