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5 Things Pandas Like Almost As Much As Cupcakes

If you're a regular reader of National Geographic or Pandas Weekly you probably are well aware of this information. If not, this post should give you an education in what pandas like.

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  • 1. Space Travel

    It's a well known fact that pandas travelled to earth 178 years ago when their planet was nearing distruction. Pandas still love to leave their new home planet to go on vacation in other solar systems.

  • 2. UFC

    Pandas love to hug but do you know what a panda loves more? Watching dudes hug each other.

  • 3. 1980s video Games

    Pandas have this strange obsession with 1980s platform games. While they've been known to play a little sonic the hedgehog their alltime favourite is Mario.

  • 4. Arsenio Hall

    There is a movement in many of the panda communities to have Fox bring back Arsenio Hall to late night television. Pandas love this guy, I don't know why... it's wacky.

  • 5. Yellow Taxi Cabs

    Have you ever seen a dog in a car and how excited they get? Well when a panda sees a bright yellow taxi it's very similar only it's way more fucking scary because a panda weighs like 300 thousand fucking pounds and they bark fire! Many pandas also have a personal collection of Matchbox taxicabs.