12 International Recipes That You Should Totally Try This New Year's Eve

    These recipes hold up surprisingly well in the Indian kitchen!

    So, you've learnt how to make a decent Sabzi and roll a relatively round Roti but the heart wants more………~novelty~, especially when NYE is just around the corner.

    Trust me, this list will make sure you give this person some stiff competition in 2023:

    Chef Sanjeev Kapoor holding a knife

    1. Cilbir (Turkey)

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    This Turkish poached egg dish will probably come out restaurant-level no matter the skill level of the cook — it's that solid. The spicy, buttery flavour, and the contrasting hot-and-cool mouthfeel really makes you want to eat this for every meal. So, how about making this your first breakfast of 2023?

    Word to the wise: Beware the mega garlic breath this causes.

    2. Sweet and Savoury Galettes (France)

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    Adam Ragusea / Via youtube.com

    If you have all-purpose flour (maida), butter, and any of the absurdly long and diverse list of foods that you can use as a filling in this country cousin of the traditional pie, then you're all set to make a hearty and rustic Galette. With its flaky crust and tender filling, making this dish is technically like making French pastry, so you have something worth bragging about during family gatherings.

    3. Fresh Pasta (Italy)

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    Tasty / Via youtube.com

    Okay, you've probably had pasta before — it's not exactly the brave new world  but trust me when I say that fresh pasta is a full-on vibe. The various methods and ingredients used in prepping fresh pasta allow for a degree of customisation that you might never even have considered before. Different ratios of different flours like atta, maida, and semolina (sooji) create a variety of textures, all of which go well with a hearty tomato sauce.

    4. Gnocchi (Italy)

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    Tasty / Via youtube.com

    Building off of that budding familiarity with fresh pasta, we have the potato gnocchi — a potato dumpling / pasta noodle that was pretty much built for carb-loading. It is similarly compatible with Italian tomato sauces but also surprisingly versatile, going well with tangy soups, salads, and even just roasted over an open flame like a weird potato-y marshmallow. There, I just gave you an idea for the perfect NYE bonfire party.

    5. Hummus and Baba Ghanoush (Middle East and Lebanon, respectively)

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    Food Fusion / Via youtube.com

    This one probably sounds a little familiar and probably tastes even more so, given that the latter of the two is basically Middle Eastern Baingan ka Bharta. These are both relatively easy blender dishes that you can knock out in one go, making for two rich, savoury dips that you can just refrigerate and enjoy as an addition to various meals over the course of the week. Meal prep who?

    6. Atsuyaki Tamago (Japan)

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    japan-guide.com / Via youtube.com

    This one's for our Japan-obsessed audiences who are looking to recreate a small part of the almighty Bento that is so prominently featured in anime. The concept of eating egg that is both sweet and fat might sound a bit ridiculous to some but once you acquire a taste for it, it is a hard habit to kick. Still, if you're hard-lining that opinion, I strongly recommend adding a little MSG, some carrots, and spring onions (both thinly minced) to your Tamagoyaki, instead of sugar.

    7. Sweet Crêpes (France)

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    The Cooking Foodie / Via youtube.com

    Similar to the Galette, this ultra-thin French pancake is a delicacy that can actually come with a seemingly endless variety of fillings / toppings, but the most popular and iconic version seems to be the sweet crêpe filled with strawberries, chocolate, and whipped cream. Just look at that beautiful monstrosity and then try and argue with me!

    8. Frittata (Italy)

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    TheLemonGinger / Via youtube.com

    Take your egg game to the next level with this fancy-schmancy Italian omelette (or is it?). This thick egg discus is traditionally finished off piping-hot in an oven, but this version of the recipe allows for a dish that can be cooked without one. Like many of the dishes on this list, this stove-top frittata can be made with just eggs, cheese, and nearly every vegetable you can find in your fridge. You could perhaps even use processed meats that you might have lying around in your freezer!

    9. Rösti (Switzerland)

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    RecipeTin Eats / Via youtube.com

    How can something made entirely out of potatoes contain such multitudes of deliciousness? Find out by making this oversized Swiss Aloo Tikki. With a crunchy crust on the outside, and a fluffy, soft potato texture on the inside, eating Rösti makes you wonder what other familiar foods might have been supersized by unfamiliar cultures around the world.

    10. Dalgona Candy (South Korea)

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    Break the Spice / Via youtube.com

    This recipe requires a grand total of two ingredients, although I’d say that patience is the unofficial third. It is a genuinely good candy but I have to admit that it is a little difficult to get that perfect circle followed by the decorative stamp detail that make up the full Squid Game experience. Good thing your life doesn't depend on it!

    11. Orange Chicken (China, United States of America)

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    매일맛나 delicious day / Via youtube.com

    What better way to eat fruit than by incorporating it in a fried chicken dish? Still healthy, right? Seriously though, this one has the highest ROI out of any dish on this list, effort wise. Trust me — just add oranges to chicken — it’s totally worth it!

    12. Broccoli Cheese Soup (France)

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    J. Kenji López-Alt / Via youtube.com

    I am ending things on an incredibly rich and delectable note with this recipe for Broccoli Cheddar Soup. This is literally just a bowl of cheesy deliciousness interspersed with vegetables and some high-level French decadence. I would stick to the regular cheddar that you get in most Indian supermarkets for this recipe and would totally recommend trying it out in case you don't actually have any NYE plans (which is absolutely okay, btw!).

    Which of these recipes are you trying out in the new year? Let me know in the comments!