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Anne Frank Might Have Passed Away Than Earlier Thought

The now- famous author of "Diary of a Young Girl" may have died earlier than was previously thought.

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Anne Frank probably died in February 1945 at the Bergen-Belsen camp

In the latest research conducted by officials at the Anne Frank House museum at The Hague, Netherlands, new data has emerged that the teenage author Anne Frank may have died in February of 1945, instead of the previously known date of March. The researchers also said that the cause of her death might have been typhus in the Nazi concentration camp she was kept in.

This Tuesday marks the 70th anniversary of her death. The officials of the museum have recognized her correct date of passing.

One of the researchers at the Anne Frank House museum, Erika Prins said that Ms. Frank ... "likely died, aged 15, at Bergen-Belsen camp in February 1945".

Diary of a Young Girl was published after the end of World War II and has since remained a reminder of the atrocities of the Holocaust.

Prins said that the newly revealed fact about Frank's death shuts down the argument that Anne and her sister, Margot might have been rescued, had they lived a little longer.

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