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    17 Festivals From Around The World That Are So Unique, They Sound Made Up

    Don't forget to add these to your travel bucket list.

    1. The Boryeong Mud Festival, that is celebrated annually in Seoul, South Korea.

    Women smiling and taking a selfie while celebrating The Mud Festival of South Korea

    2. The traditional Cheung Chau Bun Festival, that is celebrated in Hong Kong.

    Young men holding sacks and climbing up bun towers for a celebration of the traditional Cheung Chau Bun Festival of Hong Kong

    3. Hungary's biggest carnival, Busójárás.

    Carnival participants from Hungary dressed up in costumes of devils, known as Busós, to celebrate The Buso Festival

    4. The Lopburi Monkey Buffet Festival, that is celebrated annually in Thailand.

    Monkeys climbing up a tower full of fruits and flowers in Thailand, in celebration of the Lopburi Monkey Banquet Festival

    5. The Carnival Of Ivrea, that is celebrated in Italy.

    6. The World Toe Wrestling Championships, celebrated in England.

    A close up image of two people's feet, as they battle each other with their interlocked toes for the World Toe Wrestling Championship

    7. The Gilroy Garlic Festival, celebrated annually in California.

    People gathered outside a garlic ice cream stall at the Gilroy Garlic Food Festival

    8. La Noche de Rábanos festival, Mexico.

    Carved radishes at the Noche de Rabanos Festival in Mexico

    9. The spectacular Lantern Floating Festival, celebrated in Hawaii.

    Lanterns floating in a lake, at sunset, for the Lantern Floating Festival in Hawaii

    10. The World Bodypainting Festival, celebrated in Austria.

    A woman gets her face painted at the World Bodypainting Festival in Austria

    11. South Korea's Water Gun Festival.

    People smile and splash water at each other using water guns at the water gun festival

    12. The Cheese Rolling Festival, celebrated in England.

    A group of participants racing down a grassy hill, chasing a rolled block of cheese in celebration of the country's Cheese Rolling Festival

    13. The Florida Keys Underwater Music Festival.

    People play musical instruments underwater

    14. The Carnival of Basel, Switzerland.

    A parade of people masked as creatures, with drums in their hands, celebrating the Carnival of Basel

    15. Scotland's Golden Retriever Festival.

    A woman plays with her golden retriever

    16. Japan's Sapporo Snow Festival.

    People admire snow sculptures of mammoths at the Sapporo Snow Festival

    17. And finally, Thailand's Songkran Water Festival.

    People splashing water at each other during the Songkran festival in Thailand