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Worst Vanity Projects for Celebrity Couples

What are the worst movies ever made featuring famous couples?

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  • 1. Gigli

    Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez ...I still cringe when I think of this couple on and off screen. He is so much better off with the Jennifer he did marry.

  • 2. Shanghai Surprise

    At the height of her success in the 80s, Madonna did this awful movie with her then hubby Sean "I really am Sam" Penn.

  • 3. Far and Away

    Tom Cruise and wifey Nicole Kidman did a couple of bad movies starting with this one from Ron Howard of all people.

  • 4. The Getaway

    The Getaway in 1994 was a remake of the classic Steve McQueen thriller starring the real life couple Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger. McQueen is still turning in his grave.

  • 5. Eyes Wide Shut

    The title says it all... ok, you might wanna peak when Kidman is all nekked and stuff but not Kubrick's best work...also not a good last film to do as he passed away before it was done.