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14 Unique Ideas For Your Valentine's Day Festivities

Dinner and chocolates again? Fun ideas to mix it up this year!

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Cancel the dinner reservations and try some of these unique ideas for your Valentine's Day this time around!

We guarantee you and your partner will make memories to last. Happy Valentine's Day!

1. A romantic Valentine's Horror House.

Yes, these actually exist. For the fright-enthusiasts and anyone looking to really shock your date with something out of the box, find a local haunted house that is having a Valentine's Day special!

2. Aquarium Adventures.

If there's an Aquarium in your area, lots of them tend to host some sort of Valentine's event. If you're lucky, you may get dinner next to the shark tank! What is more romantic than that?!

*Hint: If you and your S.O are big fish-lovers, larger Aquariums even offer sleepovers if you want to go for that wow factor.

3. Paintball!

Alright, this may not seem like the most "romantic" thing to do for Valentine's Day. But this is a great idea if your partner is into Video Games or much more into action-filled activities than a night out at dinner. This is a great way to show you care in a more personal way.

*Kudos if you can find one at night or a Glow in the Dark feature!*

4. A Murder Mystery dinner show.

So this may not seem quite as unique. But Murder Mystery Dinner's are wonderful for the thrill-seekers out there, and many people have never been to one. The key is to find one that you, the audience, can actually participate in.

The Murder Mystery Co. hosts dinners all over the US. See if they are near you here.

5. Test your teamwork at an Adventure Park.

If you and your S.O are adrenline junkies, then this is for you. These adventure parks are becoming increasingly popular and many have teambuilding activities for you and your other half. Get a great workout in and a day neither of you will forget!

6. Go to the zoo.

Surprisingly, many of the larger zoo's host a Valentine's Day event for the animal lovers out there. Enjoy a less crowded zoo to roam around, as well as drinks and often, live music. Zoo handlers will be around to give you special tours and details about the animals you often don't get with a normal trip.

7. Check your local Museums.

I know, I know. Just the word museum sounds boring to most people. But a lot of cities have some really unique museums, and most of them try to do something fun for Valentine's! Take the Crime Museum in Washington D.C for example; they host a "Crimes of Passion" event for VDay. See if you can make it through an evening handcuffed to your partner while getting hands-on with different crime solving scenarios.

If you're in the D.C area, you can check this event out here.

Check your local museums for fun events too!

8. Ghost busterssss!

...Not really, but if the haunted house doesn't work out for you and you need a scary fix, look for Ghost Tours nearby! Ghost tours are a great way to do something fun and unique, all the while learning a little about the history of the town you're in.

9. Take a dance class together.

Again, this may seem less unique. But many couples tend to just go dancing at a club or bar instead of going to take an actual class. Switch it up a little bit and learn something new that the two of you can do together in the future!

(bonus points if you do something really crazy and go for like..hip hop or pole dancing)

10. Take a cooking class together.

Similar to the above post, break it up a little bit. Instead of going to dinner or cooking for each other this year, go learn some new tricks for the kitchen! If you're a foodie but don't wanna sit in a restaurant again, give this a try.

*Warning: Taylor and Lorde give off a false sense of perfection whilst cooking. You will not look this good....But you will have fun!

11. Hit the streets...'Blade style.

Bring out your inner child and take a tour around the town... on roller blades. Have a little fun People Watching (who doesn't love that) and fly through the streets on your wheels. How long has it been since you've roller bladed? Too long I tell you. Much too long.

12. Do a scavenger hunt.

Create a fun-filled night for your boo with a scavenger hunt! Fill it with places that are meaningful to the two of you, or for fun and wacky things the both of you can do together. If you want to be able to figure out the clues together, have a family member or friend come up with the clues, or look online for a pre-made hunt! For our competitive couples, make a bet and see who finishes first :)

13. Play a mock "Newlywed Game"

CAUTION: This should only be played by couples who don't take each other too seriously, and will NOT be upset by wrong answers from their partner. If you know your S.O won't take too kindly to you mixing everything up.. then STAY AWAY.

For those who don't mind, get together with a few of your couple friends and make a night of it! Who says Valentine's has to be the two of you alone the whole night?

14. Take a Mini-Roadtrip.

Take a spontaneous road trip. No plans, no directions. Turn when you feel like turning, and stop when you feel like stopping. See where you end up! If you don't have the whole day or even the whole weekend, take a few hours and do this with some of the backroads in your area. See what new things you can discover together in your own hometown.

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