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10 Ways To Help Cure Insomnia

Because not sleeping is getting REALLY OLD.

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1. Exercise.

Getting in some form of exercise every day is a great way to help your sleeplessness. It doesn't have to be a boring old run at the gym either! Exercise comes in many forms, get creative with it. Getting rid of some of your extra energy is what will help your body relax when the time comes instead of tossing and turning.

3. Clear your mind.

One of the main causes of Insomnia is stress and depression. Whatever it is that's bothering you, leave it out of the bed. Pretend you're at the beach or that you have someone else's life (like George Clooneys'). Or pretend you're a unicorn. Whatever it takes to get your mind in a calm, and happy place.

4. Put away the electronics.

I know I know, everyone's always saying "Don't use your phone before bed" blah blah blah. But really, studies have shown that using your phone and other electronic devices before bed suppress the release of melatonin in your brain, which is the hormone that helps you go to sleep at night. So *try* to put it down before bed and don't look at it until the next morning. Putting it across the room (or in a whole other room if you want to step on the wild side) will help. This will be harder for some than others. Some of us remember going to bed when cell phones were too boring to even bother looking at before bed...

5. Must. Resist. Wine.

As much as we all love a nice glass at the end of the day, using alcohol as a way to sleep is not such a great idea. It may help you fall asleep quicker, but it actually increases your chances of waking up more during the night. Which is pretty much the exact opposite of what we're trying to do here..

6. Limit your caffeine intake.

Obviouslyyyyy we all need coffee to survive. (I mean seriously it should be a food group) But cutting back on caffeine after noon will help your body be calm and relaxed by the time you're ready for bed.

7. Get some YOU time.

As hard as it can be, make it a priority to give yourself time to relax. Find a quiet place and do something you enjoy-this means putting the phone/tablet away too. Read a book (Harry Potter obviously), write in a journal, do a crossword, meditate. Use this time to review your day, and get any stressful thoughts out of your mind and ready to relax.

8. Re-think how you use your bed.

Try to stay out of the bed unless it's for sleep or sex. The more you use your bed for just the two things, the better your mind will associate it with sleep and be prepared for it at bedtime.

9. Find your sound.

Some people need some type of sound for them to fall asleep at night. A fan, soft music, the sound of rain ect. Sleep sound machines are great for making nice calming sounds, or for our bookies out there, books on tape are wonderful to fall asleep to! Give a few different things a try and see what works best for you.

Hint: Ebay has TONS of books on tape (yes, actual cassette tapes) for super cheap. You might have to step into the dinosaur age and purchase a tape player but ya know, who doesn't have to do that every once in awhile.

You can find a reasonably priced sleep machine here.

10. Take a Sleep Study Test.

Okay yes, this is a less-than-desirable option. Nobody likes the idea of sleeping overnight in a lab covered in strange wires with a doctor watching you the whole time. And that description probably did nothing to fuel those desires.. But a sleep study can tell you a lot about why you're not sleeping and give very helping insights into how to fix it. If none of the other options are working for you, it might be time to consider taking this next step.

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