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25 Times Ewan McGregor Was An Adorable Dork

How can you not love this man?

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1. Ewan McGregor's reaction when he first saw R2-D2

3. Ewan's attempt at drawing

We still love you even if you can't draw Ewan haha

5. Ewan & THIS PUPPY

7. That time Ewan accidentally punched Gina Carano, but he was the one who got hurt!

9. That time Ewan tried to play the flute with fake teeth in his mouth


11. When he tried to explain what 'sexy' means

13. When Ewan tried to use this tiny iron on his shrit

Look at that face.

15. Where Ewan looked super excited to be working with Liam Neeson


16. The note he left on the Star Wars dressing room set


The party’s almost over

This room’s an old friend

The Walls to a secret,

fairytale, second world.

Make Movies

Love your Work

Live right close to the edge

Reach for the STARS

Ewan McGregor

“Star Wars”


“oh aye the Force Ya Cunt”

17. When he tried to use a Jedi mindtrick IRL

19. Him and his beard

21. That one time Ewan forgot what character he was playing

23. Ewan's Halloween Costume


25. And last but certainly not least, Ewan on the set of Star Wars


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