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10 Incredible Foodie Instagrams You Should Be Following

Try to make it through this post without your mouth watering

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1. Spoon Fork Bacon

Food Stylist Jenny Park + Photographer Teri Lyn Fisher combine forces to become @spoonforkbacon. Major points for the cocktails and dare I say bacon.

2. Culinary Bro Down

21-year-old UCLA track & field senior, Josh Josh Scherer throws down some culinary (and literary) skill. Most of his posts combine variations of Taco Bell, Chipotle and snack foods but Dorito crusted fried chicken, seriously? Yes, please.

3. LA Foodie

LA's Drew Hubbard started LA Foodie in 2008 to compile his favorite eats around LA. In 2011 he was joined by Ben Waters and the two now produce drool-worthy food porn and bi-weekly podcasts. Check it out here:

4. Knife and Grill

Chef David Schoen serves up culinary masterpieces focused on you guessed it: knife work and grilling.

5. The Drunken Foodies

They love to eat and they live to wine.

6. Pissing in the Punchbowl

Award Winning Food Photographer Marcus Nillson proves that rustic American cuisine needs a comeback.

7. Infatuation

Creators of #EEEEEATS, the minds behind Immaculate Infatuation food blog keep us comin' back for more.

8. Girl Eat World

One girl just trying to eat her way around the world.

9. The Vulgar Chef

Bringing profanity into the kitchen, one dish at a fuckin' time.

10. Dude Foods

Ever wonder what dudes really want? Check out Dude Foods for the answer.

Honorable mention: Cooking For Bae

In case you need some tips how you shouldn't be cooking.

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