26 Things Every Aspiring Crazy Cat Lady Needs To Own

You know you want them all.

2. A sweatshirt with feelings.

Burger and Friends at Fab, $28

3. Cat ears, of course.

Nasty Gal, $20

4. A basic meow sweatshirt.

Urban Outfitters, $39

5. A tiny cat ring.

Topshop, $9

7. A cat beret is absolutely necessary.

Arrogant Cat at Asos, $33.94

8. A cat watch.

Asos, $20.36

10. A belt with words of wisdom.

Urban Outfitters, $18

11. A LBD with a cat face.

Asos, $33.09

12. A dress with a kitten friend.

Moschino at Shopbop, $495

13. Socks with some cats for your shins.

Urban Outfitters, $14

14. Kitty eared fedora.

Topshop, $45

15. Coin pouch with accurate disclaimer.

Pamela Barsky at Fab, $16.50

16. Meow cardi.

Nasty Gal, $88

17. Flask for booze and also for cat faces.

Urban Outfitters, $18

18. Shirt with cattitude.

Burger and Friends at Etsy, $26

19. Hardcore cat jacket.

UNIF at Karmaloop, $160

20. A heartwarming tank top.

Burger and Friends at Etsy, $24

21. Properly embellished knees.

Asos, $13.58

22. A sweatshirt to tell everyone what’s up.

Asos, $67.88

23. Some startled kittens for your ear holes.

Miss Wax at Karmaloop, $14

24. Tabby cat leggings.

Modcloth, $29.99

26. World’s most ultimate cat outfit.

Kigu at Asos, $84.85

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