24 Things Every Stoner Babe Needs To Buy Right This Second

Quick, buy everything before you forget.

1. The stoner equivalent of a LBD.

Our Prince of Peace at Dolls Kill, $78

2. A sweatshirt that just gets you.

Petals and Peacocks, $40

4. High-waisted shorts. Emphasis on the high.

Civil Clothing at Dolls Kill, $79

5. A tee for all the cat lovers.

Burger and Friends at Etsy, $24

6. A snack-positive tee.

Jac Vanek, $39

7. Pot leaves for your eye area.

MKL Accessories at Karmaloop, $7

8. A super chill swimsuit.

Black Milk Clothing, $81.65

9. A shirt your parents will love.

UNIF at Dolls Kill, $70

10. A tee with the essentials.

United Couture at Karmaloop, $56

13. A most easy-going tank.

Burger and Friends at Etsy, $24

15. A tee that’s all about good vibrations and also snacks.

Jac Vanek, $39

16. Shorts for a permanently winking butt.

Burger and Friends at Etsy, $26

17. Pizza backpack (which could easily be filled with pizza).

Nasty Gal, $65

18. Pants with ganj.

Nasty Gal, $72

19. Leaves for the boobs.

Urban Outfitters, $24

20. Dress with face-melting cartoons.

Nasty Gal, $108

21. Sweater with tasteful pot leaf.

UNIF at Shop Wasteland, $108

22. Glasses with holograms.

Urban Outfitters, $16

23. A tee for friendship.

UNIF at Karmaloop, $56

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