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Dog Gets Shot In Butt By His Own Dog

Hey, it could happen.

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Go ahead, make my day!

 Whoa, doggie!

According to the Associated Press - A Utah resident is recovering from a birdshot wound in his butt caused when his dog stepped on his shotgun on Sunday.... and doctors had to remove 27 dislodged pellets from his back side!

Excuse me while I laugh a little ...Hahahahaa! Ahhhh...that feels better.

The unnamed man from Brigham City was duck hunting with a friend at the Great Salt Lake. He laid his 12-gauge shotgun on a boat's bow when he got out of the boat. Then Fido jumped on the bow, causing the gun to go "BOOM" and an explosion of pellets punctured the man's rump!


I'm sorry I can't stop laughing, but this is not the dog's fault! The man shot is responsible for the proper handling of his own gun -  and for certain now he learned his lesson... as he is reminded every time he sits down.

Via The Huffington Post

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