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In What Ways Is Life In Mexico Better Than In The US?

The street food game in Mexico is simply unmatched.

The last time I visited relatives in Mexico, there were several things about daily life there that had me wishing I could just copy and paste 'em into my life here in the US.

Mexico city cathedral

From the delicious food, to the cultural richness, Mexico has its own unique perks that make it one of the world's greatest places. Hell, even Mexican Walmart sells hot chilaquiles, which threw me for a loop.

Hot chilaquiles at Walmart in a foam container

If you've had the opportunity to spend extended periods of time in both Mexico and the US, what are some things that Mexico just does better?

Perhaps you know that the food in Mexico is unmatched compared to the US. Whether you want some freshly made tortillas each morning, the best carne asada tacos of your life, or a life-changing meal from a tiny food stand on the street, Mexico has the world's best cuisine at your fingertips.

A man cooking at this food stand in Mexico

Maybe you've noticed something different about Mexican chain stores and products that you wish the US could adopt. For example, Mexican Nacho Cheese Doritos have a tinge more spice by default and honestly taste better that way. Or maybe you fell in love with the pay de queso (cheese pie) at McDonald's, which can't be found in the US.

A line-up of chips at a Mexican store

Maybe you've noticed that getting a public university education is much cheaper in Mexico than it is in the US. According to Inside Higher Ed, "The top-ranked public universities [in Mexico] charge students tuition and mandatory fees that range between USD $1 and $250 per term."

A university in Guadalajara

Perhaps you believe the hospitality in Mexico is top-tier and felt welcomed by the locals, which sometimes isn't the case in the US. Same goes for the socialization aspect, and maybe you've attended some of the best and most lively parties of your life in Mexico.

Two girls partying with beers in their hands

Maybe you'd like to point out that Mexico achieved universal healthcare coverage in 2012, which the US still does not have.

An ambulance in Mexico

Whatever it is, we want to hear all about it in the comments below! What things do you believe Mexico does better than the US? And please, explain WHY you believe it's better. If you'd prefer to stay anonymous, you can fill out this Google form instead.

Some of the responses will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!