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    21 People Who Don't Treat Food With The Respect It Deserves

    Please don't take an orange into a gym shower.

    1. This mom who leaves behind tainted plain vanilla ice cream:

    2. This friend who is probably immune to any virus now:

    3. This son who is being judged by Baby Yoda:

    4. This little sister who found an original (yet horrible) way to eat McNuggets:

    5. This grandma who performs surgery on each pizza she encounters:

    6. This friend who must walk around with banana on their face constantly:

    7. This girlfriend who apparently finds the crust in anything she eats:

    8. And this sister who didn't get the irony of it all:

    9. This brother whose precise apple-eating skills should either be demonized or celebrated:

    10. This sister who must go through a pack of Twizzlers in two seconds:

    11. This sister who likes to steal what very little fun these yogurts have:

    12. This son who is being taught bad cake habits from his mom:

    13. This coworker who needs to be reported to someone:

    14. This mother-in-law who woke up and chose banana violence:

    15. This cousin who somehow makes strawberries become apples:

    16. And this husband who does the same to oranges:

    17. This friend who dissected a Twix bar:

    18. This friend who, to be fair, appears to be eating a rubber pizza:

    19. This friend whose digestive system is putting in some extra work:

    20. This wife who might get a call from a divorce lawyer soon:

    21. And finally, this person who needs to stop bringing oranges into a GROSS GYM SHOWER:

    H/T: r/mildlyinfuriating