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We Want To See Your Weird Self-Isolation Food Creations

Waffles make a great bread substitute.

As you know, we should all be self-isolating right now to prevent the coronavirus from further spreading.


And with self-isolation comes a lot of creative ways of entertaining yourself. One of 'em — which is my own personal fave — is eating.


Chances are, you've already gone through 90% of your quarantine snacks, or you're just now getting creative with what you have, so you've decided to mix things up.

u/somucht / Via

Perhaps you've begun dipping Oreos into orange juice.

Or you decided to experiment and swapped out your burger buns with two mini pizzas.

u/Rapapopo / Via

Perhaps you melted some Kraft Singles onto pretzels just because you could.

SullenLibertine / Via

Or maybe you put some pulled pork on a waffle because every grocery store was out of bread.

u/Puzzled-Juggernaut / Via

The world deserves to see and hear about your beautifully strange food creations, and who knows, maybe someone will be inspired to make it themselves.

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Whatever weird foods or food combos you want to share, we want to see them! Share a photo of them with us and tell us what they are in the comments below, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post!