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    18 Times Cats Proved They're All Just Adorable Weirdos

    Cats were weird before it was cool.

    1. This cat who just wanted to worship in peace:

    u/Murdoc2D96 / Via

    2. This cat who knew that the only way in was by begging the doorbell:


    3. This cat who just copied their owner:

    u/tmklsh / Via

    4. This cat who knew what was expected of them:

    u/detectivefrogbutt / Via

    5. This cat who wanted to be nosy:

    u/cbugg / Via

    6. This cat who definitely mugged someone:

    u/robrobxD / Via

    7. These cats who made themselves at home:

    u/AllHanceOnDeck / Via

    8. This cat who thought they were being slick:

    9. This cat who is definitely plotting something evil:

    @Sub_Tero Cada vez que me voy a dormir, él se queda mirándome desde arriba. Todas las noches ¿??

    "Every time I go to sleep, he stays up there looking at me. Every night."

    10. These cats who decided to sample each other's food:

    u/Ryozuo / Via

    11. This cat who made things harder for themselves:

    12. This cat who pretended to go missing when they were really just sitting in a basket atop the fridge, staring at their owner:

    13. This cat who prefers water that's got the taste of bird in it:

    u/j_curic_5 / Via

    14. This cat who was being unnecessarily teased:

    15. This cat who defied gravity:

    u/Smallblue22 / Via

    16. This cat who basically saw God:

    u/DrAbro / Via

    17. This cat who found the world's largest scratching post:

    u/Evanescence81 / Via

    18. And finally, this cat who ruined a relationship:

    u/Arsenicyellow / Via

    H/T r/AnimalsBeingDerps

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