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Literally Just 18 Hilarious Tweets About The Cheesecake Factory

Favorite book: The Cheesecake Factory menu.

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1. When you realize that you're in for an exciting night:

2. When you audibly moan at the sound of its name:

3. When it ruins every single one of your relationships:

4. Or when it actually starts one:

5. When the menu becomes aspirational:

6. And when you'll never get tired of reading it:

7. When you go for the bread alone:

8. Especially if it's the brown bread:

9. When you're not about to befriend some rabbit:

10. When it begins to influence your every day life:

11. When you pretend calories don't exist:

12. When you become an expert in navigating the dark:

Cartoon Network / Via Twitter: @audreyrazak

13. And when the light finds you when you need it the most:

14. When the extensive cocktail menu leads to an interesting night:

15. When you spend more time at Cheesecake than you do at home:

16. When even your mom can't hide her intentions:

17. When Drake becomes your new boyfriend goals:

18. And finally, when cheesecake isn't the only thing you take home:

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