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15 Things That Brought Joy To Everyone Who Grew Up In A Mexican Family

Happiness comes in the form of paletas.

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1. When you heard those little bells ringing from a distance.

That joy could turn to horror at any moment if the guy didn't hear your screams.

2. When your abuela defended you even when you knew you were in the wrong.

She was always your first line of defense.


3. When your mom actually agreed to go to McDonald's and you never saw life the same way again.

"Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like thisssss."

4. When you were the one kid powerful enough to break open the piñata.

All eyes on YOU.

5. When you successfully opened a mazapan without fucking it up.

The true test of someone's emotional strength.

6. When you didn't have to share your bag of fried thingies with anyone else.

Only you could have your hands and forearms covered in chile. ONLY YOU.

7. When your parents let you carry the tongs and pick out the pan dulce for the week.

Of course they were all the ones only you personally loved.


8. When you gave up on Big Bird cuz you realized the true homie was Abelardo.

Plaza Sesamo kept it 💯.

9. When you realized el cucuy wasn't actually a real thing that would kill you.

But you still kept your closet closed anyway.

10. When you got more presents than your other friends thanks to Dia Los Reyes.

You ended camel hunger all on your own.

11. When you spent Saturday nights around the TV watching Don Francisco do his thing.

You probably never understood the jokes, but it was fun pretending you did.

12. When you finally succeeded showing el balero who's boss.

Cheating is optional.

13. When you cut into a piece of someone's birthday cake and were surprised to find it was a tres leches cake.

No cake was ever meant to be dryer than the desert.

14. When you won Lotería and screamed so loud that the neighbors could hear.

It wasn't a true victory unless you rubbed it in everyone's face.

15. And finally, when you stuck your hand in the beans every time your parents took you to the grocery store.

The feeling is INDESCRIBABLE.

If there's one thing you would never trade in this world, it's the joy that your Mexican upbringing brought you.


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