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18 Things Every Guy Who Grew Up With Sisters Has Experienced

Playing dress-up was only the start.

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1. When they thought it'd be hilarious to dress you up just like a living Barbie doll.

2. When you were used as a test model for new, "fashionable" hairstyles...

3. ...but luckily picked up a few new tricks here and there.

#GrowingUpWithSisters being able to braid hair like a pro

4. When you found bobby pins and hair ties EVERYWHERE!

#GrowingUpWithSisters finding these all over the house


5. When you eventually gave up hope on having any counter or drawer space to yourself…

6. ...that's even if you were allowed into the bathroom at all.

Reasons I can't ever get in the bathroom 😒 #TooManySisters #hair #makeup #morehair #moremakeup

7. When your guy friends wouldn't stop talking about how hot one of your sisters was.

#GrowingUpWithSisters "your sister is hot"

8. When you wondered if you could actually build a wig from all the loose hair in the shower.

#GrowingUpWithSisters Always finding this after your sister took a shower.


9. When they tried to pull a fast one on you, but you were way quicker.

#GrowingUpWithSisters when she gets attitude with you and you remember all the dirt you have on her

10. But as usual, they still found a way to gang up on you anyway.

#GrowingUpWithSisters being the only boy and getting locked in a suitcase for hours because they all ganged up on me.

11. When you sought revenge on them and didn't want to face your mother's wrath.

#GrowingUpWithSisters When you made your little sister cry

12. When you were constantly told that you were all practically twins.

#growingupwithsisters "ya'll look alike"


13. When you grabbed some popcorn every time they borrowed each other's stuff without asking.

#GrowingUpWithSisters always having seats to world war three when they steal each other's clothes

14. When you didn't understand why these existed.

Wondering wtf these things were 😂 #GrowingUpWithSisters

15. When you either played with their Barbies or had fun ruining them.

#GrowingUpWithSisters and terrorizing her barbies.

16. When they left their trace in any way they could.

#growingupwithsisters makeup on literally every towel in the bathroom

17. When you felt the need to be overly protective at any cost.

Miss him already 😔 ❤️ #overprotectivebrother

18. And even though they may have gotten on your nerves, you'll always love them because they made you who you are today.

#TooManySisters @caitlin_braj @rachellblockk