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    15 People Who — And I Can't Stress This Enough — Truly Suck

    Put your shopping cart back!!!

    1. Let me just get straight to the point, PUT. YOUR. SHOPPING. CART. BACK.

    2. This is unacceptable behavior and I'll truly never understand why it still happens.

    3. The cart corrals are literally there for a reason, why aren't most of y'all using them???

    4. Loose shopping carts are a nuisance to society and I'm not gonna tolerate this for much longer.

    5. Like what kind of person has the energy to do this, but not put the cart in its rightful home?

    6. Just put it back!!! 🙄

    7. They sometimes fly free with the wind and cause ugly car dents.

    a shopping cart at ingles hit my car and left a decent sized dent... this would never happen at Aldi smh

    8. And take up perfectly good parking spaces.

    9. If your argument to me is, "It's literally someone's job to gather these and put 'em back," then you're a full-blown dick.

    10. Take the extra two steps to the cart corral and just roll that baby in.

    11. I promise you it will take less time to do that than scroll down on this post and to leave a comment telling me I'm wrong.

    12. If you've got the will to leave your house and walk around a store, then you've got the will to do what's right.

    13. And if you don't, then you don't deserve to be shopping in the first place.

    14. You and I both know that this isn't where carts go.

    15. So in conclusion, put the cart in a corral or back where it came from. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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