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    "Sesame Street" Asked People Which Muppet They'd Take On A Deserted Island And The Debate Got Heated

    I'm so sorry, Elmo.

    Muppets — you know 'em, you love 'em, but let's be real, you probably love one more than the others.

    Well, earlier today, Sesame Street's Twitter account pit the beloved Oscar the Grouch, Grover, Elmo, and Cookie Monster against each other and asked their followers which they would take on a deserted island:

    You’re stuck on a deserted island and you can pick one of these Sesame Street friends to come with you. Who are you picking and why? 🤔

    And let's just say the debate got hotter than Oscar's garbage can on a sizzling summer day.

    Ever heard of Super Grover, you idiots? He’s gonna get stuff DONE. Planes will see him in his cape and Roman helmet or whatever it was. He’s ENTHUSED. He’d do all the cooking for sure. Also will provide a good amount of food when you kill/eat, not like scrawny #Elmo

    Some people took Grover's side and hoped to lean on his superpowers:

    Grover and it’s not even close. Elmo, God love him, would become super annoying QUICKLY asking way too many questions. Cookie’s blood sugar gets low, he becomes hangry, and it’s a wrap. Oscar would complain the whole time and wouldn’t lift a finger to help. This is science.

    It's Grover, whose Super Grover alter-ego will save the day. Oscar will constantly complain & is useless on an island in his can. Elmo is basically a useless child & clear liability. Cookie Monster is a limited conversationalist who, w/out cookies', would be the 1st to go bonkers

    The only answer is Grover. Elmo - Anyone on Twitter could not deal with his constant optimism. Oscar - Survivalist who can make shelter out of trash. This muppet would ditch you. Cookie Monster - Would start looking at you like you're a cookie.

    Grover. Because some of y’all forget Grover was Elmo before Elmo even was a thing. And Elmo is too damn loud. All that giggling and carrying on...

    Grover, obviously, because: Mad rap skills ✔️ Super powers✔️ Won't eat all the food the first day on the island✔️

    Others chose Oscar, because he knows what it's like to struggle and can hold a conversation:

    Grover & Elmo ask too many damb questions & i don't wanna find out that cookie is an omnivore on a deserted island. so ill pick Oscar cause he won't nag me w questions

    It’s clearly Oscar. He lives in a trashcan. He’s a survivor. Elmo, Grover, and Cookie are all more delightful, but all soft. Oscar would do what needs to be done.

    Grover and Elmo are both exhausting. Cookie Monster would be fun, but would be a drain on precious resources. Have to go with Oscar, not just by default, but because he is both a strong conservationist and an engaging conversationalist.

    Oscar. We’d be pissed *together.* The rest of them would end up muppet sandwiches. ▪️Grover is incompetent AF. ▪️Cookie Monster would decimate food rations. ▪️Elmo is gonna try to ask Mr. Smarty for help. IS HE A SATTELITE PHONE, ELMO? NO? THEN STFU. Oscar FTW. #DGProper

    Oscar is accustomed to making a home out of what others treat as refuse. He will not hog food and only want the scraps of what I eat. He will not be overly friendly but we all need our alone time.

    A few folks decided to take Cookie Monster, for cookies and for survival:

    Obviously @MeCookieMonster because I can only assume he would come with a lifetime supply of cookies

    Cookie Monster because he will undoubtably have cookie crumbs sticking to his fur that I can nibble on.

    This is 100% Cookie Monster. Elmo is way too loud. I don't need Oscar's negativity in my life. If worst comes to worst, Cookie Monster is better eating.

    And finally, some (morbid) folks took Elmo's side for...reasons:

    Elmo, because he's the only one i would be able to kill and eat easily and without any remorse

    Elmo is the ONLY choice. Grover: too anxious Cookie Monster: would go through cookie withdrawal & who even knows what his sober personality is Oscar: anyone who chooses Oscar should be on a watchlist

    @ManInTheHoody Apparently, you don’t. If you meant what you said, you would have chosen Elmo because his low BMI suggests a high muscle content which is rich in protein AND his bright red fur could easily be fashioned into a flag to alert passing ships. Jesus, use your damn brain.

    Elmo hands down. Grover a close 2nd but Elmo has higher spirits keeping me happy longer. Cookie has a one track mind so I'd be bored to death. Oscar is negative and I'd kill him out of anger. On the flipside, if we're just talking survival I'll be eating cookie monster for dinner

    Which Muppet would you take on a deserted island? Choose wisely, your life depends on it.