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    18 Cats And Dogs That Prove No Pet Is Too Old To Be Adopted

    Senior shelter pets deserve a forever home too.

    1. This pup who got a second chance at life:

    2. This cat who finally got the cuddles he was looking for:

    3. This dog who is having a fantastic retirement:

    4. This cat who can now rest easy:

    5. This lil' guy who found a comfy home for himself:

    6. This cat who finally got the love he deserved:

    yes, i adopted a terminally ill senior cat who was labeled “aggressive” by his foster home. no, i don’t regret it.

    7. This dog who got a whole new lease on life:

    8. This cat who's just as loving as any young kitten:

    If you ever get to chance pls adopt a senior cat. Theyre seriously the BEST all they want to do is feel safe and warm and be beside you 24/7

    9. This dog who's living it up:

    10. This cat who might just be in love:

    we adopted a senior cat the other day and i think he likes his new home. twitter, meet mowgli

    11. This dog whose smile came back:

    So my friend (and former dogsitter) adopted a senior dog yesterday. Meet George. He’s 12. and he’s SMILING.

    12. These two cats who get to live the rest of their lives together:

    13. This dog who couldn't believe that this is her new life:

    For Xmas my parents adopted a senior dog. She's been at her new home for an hour & she hasn't stopped walking around wagging her tail yet. ❤

    14. This cat who is the epitome of joy:

    Go adopt a senior cat right now for pure happiness

    15. This dog who is definitely feelin' the love now:

    Today my parents adopted a senior dog with one eye that’s been in shelters for nearly four weeks, simply to give him a good home for the rest of his days. Here’s my dad with the good boy. Proud of my mom and dad tonight.

    16. This cat who is too cute for words:

    17. This dog whose mood changed instantly:

    My brother adopted a senior dog yesterday!!! Here he is at the shelter (1), resting on his first night home (2), and in the car after his big trip to the groomer (3)

    18. And finally, these two cats who luckily get to leave those shelter doors together:

    Hambone and his gal Pepper . Senior bonded cat pair got adopted today. Hambone cried and cried and reached out to her as they got separated for transport #AdoptDontShop

    If you'd like to give a senior cat or dog a new life like these wonderful people did, find one on Petfinder, Adopt a Pet, or at your local shelter.