15 Dogs Who Wished Their Owners Would've Just Waited To Take Them To A Groomer

    Humans aren't the only ones rocking funky hair.

    1. This pup who ended up taking on a lion-like alter ego:

    2. This dog who shed about 20 pounds of hair:

    Quarantine haircut gone wrong 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 @dog_rates

    3. This dog who is still cute, despite it all (swipe to the next picture to see the after):

    4. This dog whose head was accidentally shaved and must now live it down:

    5. This dog who now has an adorable mohawk:

    For the first time ever, I gave my dog a haircut. It went about how you would have expected.

    6. This dog whose mood is very apparent:

    7. This dog who is just pissed:

    ion think my dog likes his haircut..

    8. This dog who has duck feet now:

    9. This dog who got a lil' toupee:

    10. This dog who looked in a mirror and said, "You'll pay for this":

    Dog got a quarantine haircut. He’s not happy!!

    11. This dog who got an...interesting hairstyle:

    the groomer closed but he needed a haircut..... jeff i’m so sorry...

    12. This dog who looks like we all do when we give ourselves bangs:

    @juliemason So - as you would surmise, my dog groomer is closed. So I had to give my dog a trim. My first pass did not go great 😂.

    13. This dog who happens to be the most adorable monster on the block:

    I cut my dogs hair he looks like a Fucking monster

    14. This dog who ended up with questionable patches:

    Tried to “home groom” Barret...was told his new look gives him “street cred”...implying Barret was in some sort of Museum District dog fight...not the look I was aiming for.

    15. And finally, this dog who had to endure three days of this:

    With pet places closed, my wife decided to trim my dog’s hair. It has taken 3 days. The poor pup is now an absolute mess. 🐶

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