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    17 Pugs Memes That Are Weirdly Relatable, Funny, And Downright Ridiculous

    So. Puggin'. Funny.

    1. When you're fragile AF:

    2. When you make any corner your home:

    3. When food fixes all:

    4. When you awaken in 3017:

    5. When you become hangry:

    6. When life becomes a rollercoaster:

    7. When your camera does you dirty:

    8. When your mood stays constant:

    9. When fear takes over:

    10. When you find your counterpart:

    11. When you just want serenity:

    12. When you're underappreciated:

    13. When your mom and dad finally figure technology out:

    14. When you've got pizza on the brain:

    15. When you just can't resist:

    16. When you're not the rebel people make you out to be:

    17. And finally, when you're just trying to do your best: