"Pose" Is Ending After Three Seasons, But Its Impact Will Live On

    Buy your tissues now, because you'll need 'em.

    Pose is unlike anything we've seen on television. It's electric, gripping, and puts the stories of Black trans women on the forefront. It's special in every respect.

    Blanca and Angel on the beach in Pose

    And while we've had characters like Blanca, Angel, Elektra, Pray Tell, etc. to keep us company for the past three years, we'll all have to emotionally prepare to say bye to them soon, because it was just announced that the upcoming season will be its last.

    A message from executive producer and co-creator @StevenCanals on the third and final season of #PoseFX, premiering May 2.

    Twitter: @PoseOnFX

    Season 3 will premiere on May 2, and Steven Canals — who is the show's co-creator and executive producer — told Good Morning America, "It was a very difficult decision for us to make, but this has been an incredible journey and we have told the story that we wanted to tell the way that we wanted to tell it."

    He also posted a statement to Twitter, expressing his gratitude and stating that ending the show this early was a purposeful decision.

    Hey Pose fam! We made the decision to end @PoseOnFX after 3 seasons because we reached the intended ending of our story. This experience has been life changing. THANK YOU is too small a word. And yet, it’s what is in my heart. Hope to see you in May 2nd when we debut. #PoseFX

    Twitter: @StevenCanals

    Mj Rodriguez, who plays Blanca in the show, took to Instagram to reflect back on her time on the series. She said, "What a joy it has been to be on a show like this. The ride was so worth it! The hard work all of us have put in has paid off, and the relationships and connections that we have created are forever lasting!"

    She then went on to thank Steven Canals, executive producer and writer Janet Mock, and co-creator and executive producer Ryan Murphy for giving her this opportunity.

    The cast and creators of Pose at the Peabody awards in 2018

    She finished with:

    Lastly to our phenomenal cast and crew...we did it y’all, we showed the world how #girlslikeus strive, triumph, and persevere. We made herstory and more than anything....we scratched the surface, simply to make change! We successfully succeeded! No longer will #Transwomen be seen as disposable, instead we will be seen as the women who have paved the way for change, for growth, and for being simply human just like everyone else. I love you all. It as been a pleasure, and it doesn’t stop here! The sky is the limit!

    Indya Moore, who plays Angel, also took to Instagram with a lengthy statement of their own. They said, "This project has been life changing to so many people. Both in and out of the TV show. I learned a lot, and while some lessons will take more time to apply, this show has helped me to be okay with how deep, complex, and challenging being human can be. I learned from each and every character, and from each and every person playing those characters."

    Indya Moore attends the red carpet event for FX's "Pose" in 2019

    Dominique Jackson, who plays Elektra, said on Instagram, "It has been an absolute joy to be a part of this historic, game-changing, trailblazing show! I have grown so much and [am] forever grateful for the acknowledgement and validation this amazing opportunity and experience has brought!"

    Dominique Jackson on the purple carpet at the 71st Emmy Awards

    Dyllón Burnside, who plays Ricky, filmed a video from bed saying, “We are saying goodbye to the ballroom and to the Evangelistas. It is bittersweet, and as we are wrapping up the season, we’re all sort of processing it, but it has been such a beautiful journey and one that I am so incredibly grateful for, and I’ve been really sad to tell you all this because I know how much you love the show. ... The show is what it is because of all of you."

    Janet Mock shared a throwback photo from her first day on the set and reflected on how far this journey has taken her as someone who wore multiple hats on the series (writer, director, and executive producer).

    November 2017. My first day on the set of POSE. Didn’t know then that my life would be forever enriched. I am so grateful for the 25 episodes we made together, as a family. The final 7 episodes, marking the beginning of the end of POSE, starts Sunday May 2 on FX. 😢💔🏆

    Twitter: @janetmock

    Angel Bismark Curiel, who we all know as Lil' Papi, took to Twitter and got emotional. He said, "Naturally it’s very bittersweet, excited for new beginnings, right? I think we all should be. But also, my heart is aching...you know, you spend three years with these storylines, and these characters, and these people, and it’s naturally very hard to go from spending 18-hour days with these folks from one day to the next, and not having them around as much."

    Saying goodbye to POSE is one of the hardest things I gotta do...😢 The third & final season airs Sunday May 2 on FX. We made it for y’all. #poseFX

    Twitter: @angelbcuriel

    He ended with, "But it’s exciting. It’s exciting because we get to see their arcs, we get to see where their journeys started, where they’re coming to a close, and that’s it. Enjoy it."

    Lil' Papi looking at Angel lovingly in Pose

    Angel wasn't the only one who got emotional, because the rest of Twitter did too:

    How we lose Wandavision and Pose in one day!

    pose truly set a precedent and now its up to all of us to create, uplift, and push for content that centers around black and brown trans narratives. even centering trans people in projects that have nothing to do with their transness.

    Twitter: @ucancallmesis

    @PoseOnFX @StevenCanals We need a thousand more of these meaningful stories to be told. For everyone who thought they were alone in this world, when they truly are not. Appreciate all the hard work that has gone into this show. ❤️

    Twitter: @JustAReaderD1

    @StevenCanals @PoseOnFX Thank you for changing the television landscape and comprehensively opening the door for more authentically LGBTQ+ stories to be told. Pose made history that we’ll never forget.

    Twitter: @IamBobbyAshley

    @StevenCanals @PoseOnFX Steven, At 62 years young my non-binary state of being was buried under feelings of depression and fear. When Pose aired with it’s positivity, I felt a resurgence to live my best, happiest, most authentic self. Thank you so much for what you gave me with this amazing show.

    Twitter: @csarballo

    @StevenCanals @PoseOnFX @PoseOnFX was one of few shows that we could watch as a family that lowkey educated, some of the elders in our family on Trans & Gay life, while being entertaining. So much so that it opened a door for my nephew to come out Trans to the family with understanding. We will miss it.

    Twitter: @TheTVAddicted

    Thank you, Pose. For everything.

    The final season premieres on Sunday, May 2 on FX. Tune in.