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    15 Crimes Committed Against Pie That Are Simply Unforgiveable

    If you don't know how to cut a pie, don't be a hero.

    1. Don't be THAT person and cut from the middle:

    2. Don't make squares, we aren't building blocks here:

    3. And don't go mixing the shapes either:

    4. Don't eat from the center and create a black hole:

    5. Don't have a boyfriend:

    6. And don't visit his family:

    7. Don't leave the crust just like you probably leave two drops of orange juice in the fridge:

    8. Don't completely ignore the center of the pie:

    9. Don't let your kids near pie:

    10. Don't pretend that scooping chunks out of a shared pie with a spoon is acceptable:

    11. Don't create craters:

    12. Don't make a boot-shaped cut:

    13. Don't be a scavenger:

    14. Don't create the world's biggest slice if it isn't just your pie:

    15. And finally, don't be a dick:

    H/T: r/mildlyinfuriating