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17 Parents Who Just Couldn't Catch A Break, Bless Their Hearts

Kids double as IT people.

1. This mom who used her screen protector's throw-away film instead of the actual screen protector:

The_PwnShop / Via

2. This dad who was "transferring" photos this way:

dealdroper / Via

3. This mom who made a mistake we all hope we never make:

4. This dad who was responding to spam mail:

FatManManFat / Via

5. This mom who got her hopes up for nothing:

6. This dad who used a magnifying glass to read his iPhone:

kellalyne84 / Via

7. This dad who taped driving directions over his car's GPS:


8. This mom who charged her phone in a cake pan in case it blew up:

Intplmao / Via

9. This mom who may not know what Instagram is:

10. This dad who didn't know how to flip the camera as his daughter was getting proposed to:

11. This mom who somehow made this a contact:

12. This mom who was (hopefully) a victim of autocorrect:

Email signature from my mom. I’m just going to assume this was an autocorrect gone horribly wrong.

13. This mom who is into text signatures:

GermFreeCloth / Via

14. This mom who just needed some guidance:

starkart / Via

15. This mom who sets reminders on her phone this way:

brad9991 / Via

16. This dad who had his photo duty revoked:

This will be the last time they put me in charge of taking pictures for my son's music recitals. #ParentFail

17. And finally, this mom who asked her kid why her phone wasn't working:

sskkooommaa / Via

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