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Olive Garden, Yes Olive Garden, Is Now Selling Nachos And They Look Good As Hell

Nacho regular pasta.

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If you love Olive Garden, then you know that they have *kisses fingertips* fine, carb-filled dishes.

So when I tell you that they now carry their own version of Italian "nachos," yes, nachos, all you OG/carb lovers out there should rejoice.

Olive Garden

They’re called “Loaded Pasta Chips” and they consist of lightly fried pasta chips, Italian cheeses, meat sauce, and a topping of cherry peppers and an alfredo drizzle.

Let's be real, as a Mexican, I should probably be wary of anything that presents itself as nachos.

Olive Garden

But as a person who eats literally anything, I would devour this in .02 seconds.

Studio Comet

The dish is available nationwide until April 1, so ya might just wanna get your head out of the Never Ending Pasta Bowl this one time.


Would you try these nachos?