17 Moms Who Got Into A Fight With Technology And Lost

    Providing free tech support in exchange for raising you seems fair.

    1. This mom who found a hack worth using:

    2. This mom who took a very good photo of her finger:

    3. This mom who created a physical screenshot:

    4. This mom who NEEDED every single one of these tabs:

    5. This mom who refused to give in to the "Contacts" app:

    6. This mom who apparently hates her email:

    7. This mom who couldn't get her photos off the camera's battery:

    8. This mom who was quick on her feet:

    9. This mom who probably sped up the charging process:

    10. This mom who, at the very least, organized her chaos into folders:

    11. This mom who probably wondered why her headphones also weren't working:

    12. This mom who took necessary precautions:

    13. This mom who might need that baking pan after this catches fire:

    14. This mom whose phone probably overheated every time she surfed the web: 

    15. This mom who wasn't about to throw away a perfectly good screen protector:

    16. This mom who could only reply to texts using screenshots:

    17. And finally, this mom who needed to accept her loss: