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    17 Moms Who Got Into A Fight With Technology And Lost

    Providing free tech support in exchange for raising you seems fair.

    1. This mom who found a hack worth using:

    My mom looking at a picture on my phone...zooming in to see the detail 😂 from funny

    2. This mom who took a very good photo of her finger:

    Photos I take of my mom vs photos she takes of me from mildlyinfuriating

    3. This mom who created a physical screenshot:

    my friends mom photocopied her phone for some recipes from funny

    4. This mom who NEEDED every single one of these tabs:

    How many tabs my mom has open. All. The. Time. from mildlyinfuriating

    5. This mom who refused to give in to the "Contacts" app:

    "Mom, what is that on your iPhone?" "Oh, I needed to remember my friend's phone number" from funny

    6. This mom who apparently hates her email:

    My mom's emails. Unreal. from mildlyinfuriating

    7. This mom who couldn't get her photos off the camera's battery:

    My mom just asked why the SD card wouldn't fit in the computer at Rite Aid. from funny

    8. This mom who was quick on her feet:

    I ordered my mom a new phone, case, and screen protector on prime day. The phone came before everything else, but she wanted to make sure her phone was protected... from funny

    9. This mom who probably sped up the charging process:

    We have plenty of charging cables and my mom has decided to use this one from mildlyinfuriating

    10. This mom who, at the very least, organized her chaos into folders:

    MY mom's desktop... from mildlyinfuriating

    11. This mom who probably wondered why her headphones also weren't working:

    Just found out why my moms laptop wasn’t charging from pcmasterrace

    12. This mom who took necessary precautions:

    Mom charges her phone in a cake pan because she heard they “blow up.” from funny

    13. This mom who might need that baking pan after this catches fire:

    My mom said her charging cable doesn't always work when she plugs it in. from techsupportgore

    14. This mom whose phone probably overheated every time she surfed the web:

    my friends moms phone from mildlyinfuriating

    15. This mom who wasn't about to throw away a perfectly good screen protector:

    My mom’s phone from mildlyinfuriating

    16. This mom who could only reply to texts using screenshots:

    My mom is very bad with technology, and she finally upgraded from her iPhone 4s to an iPhone 7 from funny

    17. And finally, this mom who needed to accept her loss:

    My girlfriend's mom brought this into my job and asked us to fix it... from techsupportgore

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