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It's Time To Find Out How Us Latinxs Ended Up With These Bowls In Our Homes

These bowls may be fragile, but the bond we have with them is indestructible.

Hi, I'm Pablo, and today I'm coming to you with a question I know there may be no answer to — but I will ask it anyway: How did we all end up with this bowl in our cabinets?

Twitter: @PabloValdivia

Now, I obviously can't speak for all Latinos, given that I'm just one lone Mexican American man in the world, but I'm fascinated by the fact that this bowl made its way through so many of our lives.

Ceramic bowls with colored rings inside of them
Pablo Valdivia / BuzzFeed

It's a simple ceramic bowl with a colored ring inside it, but if you told me we came out of the womb with the bowl in hand, I'd believe you.

🍲Oatmeal kinda morning 😋and in my favorite Mexican pozole bowl never the less lol #mexicanproblems

Twitter: @nereidabarela

Personally, I've seen them in just about every color of the rainbow in many of the Mexican homes I've been in.

#GrowingUpHispanic everyone has/had this bowl

Twitter: @xoeunice97

They just appeared in my life as naturally as the wind and sunshine do, and I never questioned how...until now.

You ain't a real Latino if you/your parents don't own this bowl

Twitter: @PupusaMami

Some Mexicans refer to it as a menudo or pozole bowl because the food just hits right when it's eaten out of here. They also happen to come in very large sizes, which is perfect when you want to eat your weight in pozole.

Today started off really really really good lol 😂 nothing like a bowl of moms menudo

Twitter: @Davvviiiidddd72

But I've also eaten oatmeal, fruit, caldo de pollo, albondigas, and massive bowls of generic Rice Krispies out of these. They're multi-purpose and yes, somehow make food taste instantly better!

If you don’t eat caldo in this type of bowl, you’re not eating caldo. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Twitter: @jmadbeauty

Now, for my non-Mexican friends reading this, has this bowl found its way into your life too? I'm genuinely curious, because I know this bowl's gotten around!

Now dnt lie fam..Just admit it lol I got that bowl, Best bowl ever made!! 😂😂😂 #mexicanproblems

Twitter: @80Juangarcia

It's even made its way into a promotional photo for the El Mexicano brand! She's famous!

Who's ready for #pozole for tomorrow night's #NocheBuena 🌟? We're preserving our Mexican Christmas traditions w/ a delish bowl of pozole made w/ El Mexicano® Mexican Style Hominy. Tip: upgrade your pozole by adding crumbled Queso Cotija for an extra touch of #AuthenticSabor. 😉

Twitter: @elmexicanobrand

Many things in my life have come and gone, but these ceramic beauties are eternal.

Twitter: @futurereigning

When the apocalypse wipes us off the face of the Earth and even the roaches die off, you know what will be left standing?

@Xaviersworld @biggie_paul #latinoproblems we all have this bowl

Twitter: @sheeshhee

Yep, these damn bowls.

Got that mexican bowl. And the best cereal in the world.... We on!

Twitter: @Crash_Gragg

Thank you bowl, you're the real MVP here. ❤️

A Ceramic bowls with the colored ring inside
Pablo Valdivia / BuzzFeed

If you own one of these or grew up with them, where did you get 'em? If you don't know, ask your parents and tell them a stranger named Pablo on the internet wants to know. They'll understand.

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