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    17 Neighbors Who Prove Good People Haven't Gone Extinct

    Be the neighbor you wish you had.

    1. This neighbor who is a true snow angel:

    Seven_bushes / Reddit / Via

    2. These neighborhood kids who didn't want their neighbor to feel left out:

    yankfan832 / Reddit / Via

    3. This neighbor who knows just how expensive being a teacher can be:

    jweic / Reddit / Via

    4. This neighbor who made sure he could play Santa for years to come:

    Our elderly neighbour passed away recently. His daughter popped round a few moments ago clutching a large plastic sack. In the sack were all the Christmas presents he’d bought for *our* daughter for the next thirteen years. 😢

    5. This neighbor who did the right thing:

    commonvanilla / Reddit / Via

    6. This neighbor who gave some new parents a welcome gift:

    tshizdude / Reddit / Via

    7. These neighbors who helped out some pups in need:

    feller32 / Reddit / Via

    8. This neighbor who was just lookin' out for the kids:

    SonofASpider / Reddit / Via

    9. This neighbor who was just lookin' out for the neighborhood pups:

    realrndm / Reddit / Via

    10. This neighbor who spread some knowledge and gifts:

    mbholmes213 / Reddit / Via

    11. This neighbor who gives his complex a reason to look out into the night sky:

    clounsbu20 / Reddit / Via

    12. This neighbor who made the sidewalk more accessible:

    potential_hermit / Reddit / Via

    13. These neighbors who passed on a good deed:

    GoddessOrabella / Reddit / Via

    14. This neighbor who did what they could to cheer someone up:

    olivepig / Reddit / Via

    15. This neighbor who made some adorable signs:

    Drown_In_The_Void / Reddit / Via

    16. This neighbor who kept her dog's memory alive:

    Slugbottom / Reddit / Via

    "This might sound super weird, but I want you to have these tennis balls. I lost my first dog a couple years ago, and on his anniversary, I cheer myself up by spreading joy with his favorite toy. So, Happy Calvin Day, and I hope your dog has fun with these."

    17. And finally, these neighborhood kids who left an encouraging message:

    megangreatcasa / Via

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