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    Updated on Nov 5, 2019. Posted on Nov 3, 2019

    17 Neighbors Who Prove Good People Haven't Gone Extinct

    Be the neighbor you wish you had.

    1. This neighbor who is a true snow angel:

    Seven_bushes / Reddit / Via

    2. These neighborhood kids who didn't want their neighbor to feel left out:

    yankfan832 / Reddit / Via

    3. This neighbor who knows just how expensive being a teacher can be:

    jweic / Reddit / Via

    4. This neighbor who made sure he could play Santa for years to come:

    Our elderly neighbour passed away recently. His daughter popped round a few moments ago clutching a large plastic sack. In the sack were all the Christmas presents he’d bought for *our* daughter for the next thirteen years. 😢

    5. This neighbor who did the right thing:

    commonvanilla / Reddit / Via

    6. This neighbor who gave some new parents a welcome gift:

    tshizdude / Reddit / Via

    7. These neighbors who helped out some pups in need:

    feller32 / Reddit / Via

    8. This neighbor who was just lookin' out for the kids:

    SonofASpider / Reddit / Via

    9. This neighbor who was just lookin' out for the neighborhood pups:

    realrndm / Reddit / Via

    10. This neighbor who spread some knowledge and gifts:

    mbholmes213 / Reddit / Via

    11. This neighbor who gives his complex a reason to look out into the night sky:

    clounsbu20 / Reddit / Via

    12. This neighbor who made the sidewalk more accessible:

    potential_hermit / Reddit / Via

    13. These neighbors who passed on a good deed:

    GoddessOrabella / Reddit / Via

    14. This neighbor who did what they could to cheer someone up:

    olivepig / Reddit / Via

    15. This neighbor who made some adorable signs:

    Drown_In_The_Void / Reddit / Via

    16. This neighbor who kept her dog's memory alive:

    Slugbottom / Reddit / Via

    "This might sound super weird, but I want you to have these tennis balls. I lost my first dog a couple years ago, and on his anniversary, I cheer myself up by spreading joy with his favorite toy. So, Happy Calvin Day, and I hope your dog has fun with these."

    17. And finally, these neighborhood kids who left an encouraging message:

    megangreatcasa / Via

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