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    A Bunch Of Badass Latinas In Hollywood Got Together And It Warmed My Cold, Dead Heart

    Icons supporting icons!

    So over the weekend, I was scrolling through Insta until I saw something that made me involuntarily scream "YAS!"

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    It was this iconic photo posted by Jane The Virgin star Gina Rodriguez, and it's everything I wish my brunches were.

    This group of #FiercelyLatinas in Hollywood got together for what appears to be the greatest get-together in the history of get-togethers.

    They even wore some fire Chingona pins!

    Twitter: @HereIsGina

    For those who don't know, Chingona is Spanish slang for "badass woman."

    Stephanie Beatriz, from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, told BuzzFeed that the lunch was orchestrated by Gina Rodriguez and America Ferrera.

    hereisgina / Via

    Beatriz went on to say:

    I met some amazingly smart and funny women that day, and as we all talked, we collectively agreed that there’s so much power in supporting each other. Representation matters. All of us want to see all kinds of Latinas in more leading roles in television and film, as well as producing and directing. I think it might’ve been Rosario who suggested the hashtag “fiercely Latina”, and all of us loved it. I hope that other women who identify as Latina can rally around #fiercelyLatina as a way to describe themselves: a celebration of the rich span of cultures and colors that being a Latina can look like, and as a call to shine like the fierce, bright lights that they are.

    Melissa Fumero, also from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, told BuzzFeed that being #fiercelyLatina means "being surrounded by all these incredibly badass women and artists" and "promising to support one another and all Latinas no matter what."

    Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

    Gloria Calderon Kellett, Writer/Executive Producer/Co-Showrunner for Netflix's One Day At A Time, also attended the lunch and told BuzzFeed, "It was an honor to break bread with these women and meet a few new faces. I’m inspired by being in their company."

    hereisgina / Via

    She went on to say “Gina and America are generous and supportive women who always show up to represent Latinas on TV and film in such a powerful way" and looks forward to supporting the work of all these women.

    Never underestimate the power and determination of Latinas.

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