18 Tweets You'll Only Understand If You Love Tacos

    "Yea I'm into fitness...fitness whole taco in my mouth."

    1. When you predict your own demise:

    2. When a taco truck gives you the boost you need:

    3. When you have trust issues:

    4. When you see the tacos slipping away:

    5. When your expectations change:

    6. When you realize tacos won't betray you:

    7. When you encounter the haters:

    8. When you've got a perfectly logical excuse:

    9. When you've got your priorities in order:

    10. When you find your own true love:

    11. When there are so many tacos but so little money:

    12. When you have a religious experience:

    13. When you write your wedding vows:

    14. When you hear that magical word:

    15. When the gym is calling but the tacos are much louder:

    16. When Taco Bell doesn't always cut it:

    17. When tacos > people:

    18. And finally, when sharing is NOT caring: