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    21 Tattooed Men That Are Way Too Hot To Handle

    Get in sync with the ink.

    1. Nate, a sexy sweetheart.

    2. Nick, a burly babe.

    3. Chadoy, a beautiful beefcake.

    4. Marco, a chilled-out charmer.

    5. Alex, a musical masterpiece.

    6. Don Benjamin, a sleepy sexpot.

    7. Parker, a glistening god.

    8. Adam, a smokin' stunner.

    9. Stevis, a sultry showstopper.

    10. Eric, a suave smiler.

    11. Randall, a fierce fox.

    12. Giorgio, a wet 'n' wild wonder.

    13. Franco, a sun-bathing swooner.

    14. Dimitris, a bare-skinned beauty.

    15. Aydian, a fit fiend.

    16. Saury, a ravishing rider.

    17. Andre, a handsome hottie.

    18. Bartolo, a sizzlin' seducer.

    19. Charles, a fabulous flame.

    20. Clint, a caring cuddler.

    21. And finally, Ryck, an arousing angel.