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18 Husband And Wife Fails That Should Never, Ever Be Forgiven

When married couples say marriage takes a lot of work, they mean it.

1. This husband who only thought of himself:

distanceformed / Via

2. This wife who used the world's most expensive coaster:

JayTheSay / Via

3. This husband who thought he was being mindful:

Coop-a-doop / Via

4. This wife who thrives off a little chaos:

EchoJXTV / Via

5. This husband who has some explaining to do:

threedogcircus / Via

6. This wife who may be eating off dirty plates:

jonusfatson / Via

7. This husband who had one job:

girlnononono / Via

8. This wife who figured the box would disappear on its own:

nowandlater / Via

9. This husband who somehow defaulted to a J&J:

emeleeluna27 / Via

10. This wife who apparently doesn't care about the planet:

ebjazzz / Via

11. This husband who is destined to sleep on the couch for the rest of his life:

victorious72 / Via

12. This wife who can open a museum of her own:

grdlock / Via

13. This husband who's got quite the collection of his own:

purple_lassy / Via

14. This wife who might have seen an avocado for the first time in her life:

rbrink13 / Via

15. This husband who thought this was acceptable:

motorcycle_driveby26 / Via

16. This wife who just couldn't be bothered:

Sinister_giraffe / Via

17. This husband who seemingly likes a moldy towel:

regimouse / Via

18. And finally, this wife who might have been raised by raccoons:

theDaninDanger / Via