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What Is The Best So-Bad-It's-Good Horror Movie On Netflix?

They can't all be Pennywise.

Let's face it, we've all watched plenty of so-bad-they're-good horror films on Netflix. Hell, some of you do it on purpose!

Dimension Films

Maybe you randomly found Satanic and spent your valuable time watching a Coachella-bound Sarah Hyland battle the devil and making snarky comments.

MarVista Entertainment

Or perhaps you had one too many drinks with some friends one Friday night and convinced yourselves that watching The Human Centipede was a good idea.

Bounty Films

Maybe you read the description of Friend Request and laughed at the idea of a petty ghost who kills a girl's friends because she unfriended her on Facebook.

Warner Bros.

We all know that not everything has to be a masterpiece to be FUN. Sometimes you just want to have a good laugh and be mildly spooked.

Freestyle Releasing

This is from a movie called Bedeviled.

So, tell us, what's a horror movie on Netflix that is so bad that it's actually amazing? Tell us why you think it should be on the list!

Bounty Films

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