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19 Grandmas Who Are Aren't Even Trying To Be Funny, They Just Are

Always count on grandma for some fingerless weed gloves.

1. This grandma who tried to find a way inside her own home:

mozilathelaptopkilla / Via

"My grandma’s garage door opener broke, She pulled off a siding board and I found her trying to crawl inside through the framing in the walls."

2. This grandma who has some Panamanian pride:

3. This grandma who confused an iPad for a cutting board:

IonnaTrailer / Via

4. This grandma who bought her granddaughter some beautiful fingerless "flower" gloves:

I_Say_I_Say / Via

"My 7-year-old daughter asked for fingerless gloves with flowers on them. Grandma delivered."

5. This grandma who knows the true value of art:

kyleohiio / Via

"My grandmother has had this up in her house for 30+ years. Just noticed she pasted her face over Scarlet O’Hara."

6. This grandma who stans Harry Potter more than the pope:

7. This grandma who made this her Facebook profile photo:

hamb0ne78 / Via

8. This grandma who tried her best to buy sour cream and onion chips:

spcmnspff335 / Via

"My wife’s grandma likes to buy us snacks whenever she goes to the store so we asked her for some sour cream and onion chips. We were amused by what she came back with."

9. This proud grandma who got her grandson the gift of a lifetime:

jackson3oh3 / Via

10. This grandma who printed out a cell phone selfie and then sent it via the mail:

misstinkles420 / Via

"Grandma sent me this in the mail. Slowest picture message ever."

11. This grandma who prints out memes and posts em' to her fridge:

TakethedoubleL / Via

"My grandma takes memes off of Facebook and puts them into MS Word then prints."

12. This grandma who doesn't like the idea of, "It's five o'clock somewhere":

FantasticMrTyler / Via

"I mean, I had just graduated. It was a cause for celebration."

13. This grandma who travels with meats and cheeses:

20dollarchill / Via

"My Italian grandma came in town. This is her suitcase."

14. This grandma who's having the time of her life in Bangkok:

doublething1 / Via

15. This grandma who's doing her best for Jesus:

TheBeardedGarcia / Via

"My grandma thought this was a cross so she hung it up. I decided not to correct her."

16. This grandma who doesn't want her USB stick to die:

D4dyce / Via

"Had to explain to my grandmother that usb stick don't need to be charged."

17. This grandma who created a game straight out of Saw.


18. This grandma who has a "I like to have a good time" aesthetic:

monolife / Via

"My cousin saw a 70-year-old grandmother open this umbrella while dropping off her grandson at school."

19. And finally, this grandma who aims to please:

LindsayShhh / Via

"My 12-year-old niece does duct tape crafts. Her grandma bought this for her birthday."

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