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    15 People Who Have Set A Great Example For The Rest Of Us

    It's not always all doom and gloom.

    1. This pizza shop owner who only wants the best for those who are in need:

    letmegetinmyzone / Via

    2. This person who is a true hero:

    Johnnymak0071 / Via

    3. This Houston beer garden that offered free beer for people who proved that they shopped in the city's Chinatown:

    Facebook: axelradhouston

    4. This person who made sure someone's family photos weren't lost forever:

    Benclarkwas / Via

    5. This dad who had the mail carrier in mind:

    never_stop_selling / Via

    6. This garbage man who made a kid's whole year:

    Benzona / Via

    7. These students who understand that not every student has access to the necessities:

    daito- / Via

    8. This entire plane of people who did their part in helping a rushed father:

    I’m on a plane and the entire flight sat still so that a man in the last seat at the back of the plane could get off and run to his next flight to try to make it to his twin daughters’ first father daughter-dance. Everyone rooted him on and clapped as he rushed down the aisle. 🥰

    9. This stranger who had some well wishes:

    GrucciGang3 / Via

    10. This grandson who made his grandma the ultimate gift:

    11. This kind driver who knew that a deer just needed to get through:

    A nice and smart deer crossing the street. Nara, Japan ⛩

    12. This hotel that helped Coco find their family:

    rebirthandrecover / Via

    13. This person who helps out any way he can:

    banginbowties / Via

    14. This person who bought a stolen bike and ensured that it found its rightful home:

    Has anyone had their bike stolen? Just bought this for £80 and it’s got a bike lock on it. Apparently it’s from the Crosby area. Bought it so I can get it to back to the right owner. I know it’s a £1350 bike and id be heartbroken if it was me. Give us a shout 👍🏽

    Spoiler: It did!

    He’d saved up and spent £1250 on the bike last year. Said his house has been had off but he’s made up that he’s managed to get his bike back, so happy days. It’s in the right hands now 👍🏽

    15. And finally, this teacher who had her student's back:

    drizzyjaay / Via

    "Justin, Thank you for letting me know about your difficult situation. Keep communicating with me, and your counselor...and hopefully, your parents. I hope the enclosed gift card for Shop-Rite will be a small help to you during this difficult period."