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    The "George Lopez" Cast Re-Creating Their Intro Is The Vibe Cleanser I Needed Today

    Do I smell a reboot?

    We've all been there. It's 2008 and you're fast asleep after a long school day. So long, in fact, that you knocked out with the TV on. Suddenly it's 3 a.m., and out of nowhere, the sound of a cowbell intrudes on your dreams.

    As your eyes slowly open and adjust to the warm glow of the TV, you hear "All my friends know the low rider" ever so faintly. George Lopez is on, and now your brain is too.

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    It's been over a decade since the show's famous intro acted as your alarm clock, but the entire cast just wanted to make sure they activated that memory for you one more time by re-creating the intro on TikTok.


    We move in slow motion when we hear this song #georgelopezshow @aimeegarcia08 @goconstance @masielalushaofficial #valenterodriguez #belitamoreno

    ♬ original sound - georgelopez

    It starts off with Aimee Garcia, who played Veronica Palmero. She wasn't in the original intro, but is a welcome inclusion here!

    Next, we have Luis Armand Garcia, who played Max Lopez.

    Then we have Emiliano Díez, who played Victor Palmero.

    He is followed by Valente Rodriguez, who played Ernie Cardenas.

    Next, we have Belita Moreno, who played Benny Lopez.

    She's followed by Masiela Lusha, who played Carmen Lopez.

    Next up is Constance Marie, who played Angie Lopez.

    And finally, we have the man of the hour, George Lopez, who played — you guessed it — George Lopez.

    Now, this isn't the first time the cast has gotten together to create a little reboot of their own. In mid-October, George got caught by Angie trying to find love on TikTok:


    I thought @tiktok was a dating App #georgelopezshow @goconstance

    ♬ original sound - georgelopez

    Then George and Aimee re-created that "Low Rider" 3 a.m. scenario I was telling you about earlier:


    @aimeegarcia08 @goconstance #for 3am

    ♬ original sound - georgelopez

    And if that wasn't enough, George then woke up Masiela with a literal cowbell:


    Just like old times @masielalushaofficial

    ♬ original sound - georgelopez

    Each of these TikToks have over a million views, with two of them over 10 million views, so it's safe to say the audience may want a George Lopez reboot! Bring back the cowbell and I'll get the low rider, thank you.