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Netflix Just Dropped The "Gentefied" Season 2 Trailer, And I'm Ready To Laugh, Cry, Cry Again, And Then Cry-Laugh

Romance (and some heartbreak) is in the air!

🚨 Warning: Season 1 spoilers ahead! 🚨 

The world looks different than it did when Gentefied first dropped on Netflix last February, but the Morales family (and friends) are back to shake things up again.

Members of the Morales family around a table

The trailer for the show's second season just dropped today, and it looks like we have a lot of catching up to do in the lives of these beloved characters.

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If you recall, the first season ended on a dramatic note when Pop (played by Joaquín Cosío) was taken away by ICE, which caused him to miss the birth of Erik (J.J. Soria) and Lidia's (Annie Gonzalez) child.


The second season trailer opens with Ana (Karrie Martin), Chris (Carlos Santos), Erik, Pop, and newcomer/nonprofit lawyer Melinna Barragan (Melinna Bobadilla) talking about Pop's undocumented status.

Pop says he illegal to which someone else corrects him and says "undocumented"

We also get a glimpse of Pop's trial, which apparently is being overseen by a tough, conservative judge.

The courtroom during Pop's trial

Melinna isn't the only new character we'll be seeing. Viewers will also be hearing a lot more from Pop's estranged son/Carlos's dad Ernesto Morales (Manuel Uriza), who — if you recall — moved his family from East LA to Boise, Idaho.

Pop and Ernesto standing together

We'll also be introduced to chef Sarai Damian (Ivana Rojas), who — from the looks of it — has captured the romantic interests of Carlos.

Sarai says "You gonna order or what?" to which Carlos replies "Yea, sorry"

Except Carlos isn't the only one gettin' his flirt on! Pop is back to heating things up with Lupe (Alma Martinez) after their adorable date in Season 1.

And it seems the tensions in Ana and Yessika's (Julissa Calderon) former relationship are still going strong in Season 2.

But from the looks of it, Ana's got her eyes on someone new. Her name is Bree Solano (Clarissa Thibeaux) and she is a queer advertising executive in the show.

Ana staring at Bree as she looks over a piece of art

And among all the new love, there is bound to be some heartbreak, which it seems we'll get from new parents Lidia and Erik.

Lidia says to Erik "I just think maybe we need space..."

All in all, it looks like Season 2 is going to take us all on a journey worth following, where family is always key.

Season 2 of Gentefied premieres Nov. 10 on Netflix.