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A Man Tried To Reclaim The Rainbow And Gay Twitter Did Not Hold Back

"Let's get SICK'NING!"

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Ken Ham is the president and founder of the Creation Museum, which is also home to a life-size Noah's Ark.

The museum is located in Petersburg, Kentucky, and features exhibits inspired by the Bible.
Creation Museum / Via

The museum is located in Petersburg, Kentucky, and features exhibits inspired by the Bible.

Recently, Ham put out a series of tweets featuring the ark lit up in multiple colors...

The @ArkEncounter is lit permanently at night with a rainbow to remind the world that God owns the rainbow & is a s… an attempt to "reclaim" the rainbow for God.

Christians need to take back the rainbow as we do @ArkEncounter -God owns it-He decreed it's a sign of His covenant…

But Twitter was not having any of it, and subsequently gave birth to a fabulous, new queer icon. 🌈

no the boat is gay

Please say hello to one of the greatest boats to ever live, #GayBoat.

@aigkenham @ArkEncounter Will you have a gay animal couple in there?! Penguins are overplayed - I say make the dino…

GayBoat is already an instant legend.

the babadook and the #GayBoat are the lgbt icons we need and deserve

Some say it could be bi.

@jpbrammer Pretty sure the boat is bi because it sails both ways. I'll see myself out now.

But it's been giving us hints for years now.

#gayboat finally came out today but he's been dropping hints for years. congratulations on living your best life.

It's obviously "sick'ning."

@jpbrammer C'mon all of god's creatures, let's get SICK'NING

And it'll definitely encourage everyone to cover themselves in rainbow from head to toe.

@aigkenham @ArkEncounter Oh please DO IT! Wear a ribbon, put it on a bumper sticker, sew a rainbow patch on your j…

This has been part of the gay agenda all along.

@jpbrammer I checked the gay agenda and boats are definitely gay

But there's just no denying a queer icon when we see one.

@jpbrammer @DOGGEAUX KEN HAM, BETWEEN SOBS: you... you can't just call everything gay!! YOU: *points at boat* gay

And an #icon it definitely is.

@jpbrammer by the end of the day you will have made this boat a new gay icon

🌈 Never change, GayBoat. 🌈

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