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19 Cakes That Have No Business Being This Funny

If you can't say it yourself, have a cake say it for you.

1. For telling someone the harsh truth:

A cake gifted from a person to their roommate's boyfriend that says "Nobody even likes you"
u/largerthanlogic / Via

2. For giving children nightmares:

One professional cake that is decorated to look like Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" and another homemade one that unintentionally looks like a zombie version of Ariel
u/but_wilder / Via

3. For showing that you're the superior triplet:

A cake decorated with two sad faces and one happy face gifted by a dad to his triplets for taking their driving test
u/myusernamestinks / Via

4. For a vasectomy:

A cake with two lemons that says, "100% juice, no seeds, happy vasectomy"
u/silentonc / Via

5. For National IT Professionals Day:

A cake with code written on it, but inside the code are the flavors of the cake
u/kylemedlin / Via

6. For celebrating the first fart of a relationship:

A cake that says, "Congratulations you finally farted"
u/alpevado / Via

7. For sending not-so-subtle threats:

A mother-in-law gives her child's spouse a cake slice that says "die" on it
u/SaltyDogBiscuit / Via

8. For boyfriends with no opinions:

A "Dora the Explorer" cake that says "Happy Birthday Asshole"
u/shesafireball / Via

9. For apologizing to your mom for being a pain in the ass:

A cake that says, "Sorry for biting you when I was little"
u/overthinkingpigeon3 / Via

10. For getting laid off:

A cake that says, "Fuck this place"
u/llamaface9603 / Via

11. For celebrating beloved actor Danny DeVito in the most cursed way possible:

A botched cake that's supposed to look like Danny DeVito but looks nothing like him
u/brilliant_fungi / Via

12. For when you don't know how to keep a secret:

An apology cake that says, "Sorry I told people we had sex"
u/JuanInchWonder / Via

13. For a divorce:

@tasha_sears This was my divorce party cake I've ever ever had!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

14. For an uncomfortable baby shower:

An cake that appears to be an unborn baby that's still inside its mom
u/ni_hao_wo_jiao_meili / Via

15. For telling your interns how much you care:

A Batman cake with a Hannah Montana candle that says, "Noah, you managed to exceed our lowest expectations"
u/synoptico / Via

16. For a very Canadian Fourth of July:

A cake decorated in blue frosting and red and blue stars, but looks like the Canadian flag from the inside

17. For that friend who would destroy this whole thing after a night out:

A cake that says, "Your make poor choices when you're drunk"
u/sabrefudge / Via

18. For when you like seeing your family suffer through dessert:

19. And finally, for when you want to become cake itself:

We’re all #cake 🍰 this is MAKEUP