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    Posted on Jun 30, 2018

    Franklin From "My Wife And Kids" Is So Hot Now, That Is All

    Kady knew it all along.

    You remember My Wife And Kids. Hell, you probably still watch it on a daily basis.

    Wayans Bros. Entertainment

    And you most certainly haven't forgotten everyone's fave whiz kid, Franklin Aloysius Mumford.

    Wayans Bros. Entertainment

    Well, as most humans do, he grew up and!! What a man.

    His real name is Noah Gray-Cabey and he's currently 22 years old.

    noah_graycabey / Via

    I honestly forgot that time doesn't stand still, so when I came upon his Instagram, I was shirsty (shook and thirsty).

    I'm sure you can relate with me on this one.

    noah_graycabey / Via

    And as it turns out, he's still goin' after roles that show off that handsome brain too! His latest role was that of Dr. Elliot Dixon on CBS's Code Black.

    noah_graycabey / Via

    Oh, did I mention that our boy also attended THE Harvard University?! A real-life genius!

    noah_graycabey / Via

    If you've kept up with Noah and knew this talented guy grew up to be extremely handsome, I applaud your tenacity.

    Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

    However, if you're just discovering this info out for the time like me, relish in that adorable smile with me just one more time.

    noah_graycabey / Via

    Kady always knew what was up.

    Wayans Bros. Entertainment / Via

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