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    18 Food Truths All San Diegans Will Understand

    Carne asada fries before guys.

    1. First off, you know you're in San Diego when your burritos have fries inside them.

    2. And that carne asada fries from Lolita's are both a meal and way of living.

    3. Some of the best pizza doesn't even involve cheese or bread.

    4. And a Julian Hard Cider a day keeps the doctor away.

    5. You make an event of Taco Tuesday.

    6. And you have to put up a fight for some of the best ones at Lucha Libre.

    7. You know that your ideal sandwich can only be made by a baked bear.

    8. And that the "great" in Great Maple doesn't even come close to describing these.

    9. You can get your hands on some pretty "crazee" burgers.

    10. Or eat your weight in meat at Carnita's Snack Shack.

    11. You know that these are called Extraordinary Desserts for good reason.

    12. And that you can't help but say "ooh baby" every time you enter Baby Cakes.

    13. You'll also never make up your mind when drooling over Donut Bar doughnuts.

    14. You don't have to travel across the globe to be in Italy.

    15. Or jump into the ocean for amazingly fresh fish.

    16. You know that a yodel isn't just a way to sing.

    17. And that Starlite is by the airport and not in the sky.

    18. And finally, no matter where you go, you undoubtedly know that San Diego will always provide you with the finest food and the finest views.