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    Quesadillas Are The Best Thing Ever And We Are Not Worthy

    No cheese was harmed in the making of this.

    We need to talk about something very important...QUESADILLAS ARE FUCKING INCREDIBLE!

    BuzzFeed Food / Via Facebook: BuzzFeedFood


    They are Mexico's precious gift to the world and humanity is not worthy of something so beautiful.

    donthatecauseyouaintate / Via

    Is this what love feels like?

    For starters, they are magically versatile!

    Twitter: @al_beck79

    The ultimate power food.

    You can eat one plain...

    papastapasdelray / Via

    Nothing wrong with the classics.

    ...or fill it with your favorite kind of meat!

    la.buena.vida / Via

    And who doesn't love a lil' meat in 'em?

    You can dip it in sour cream...

    Tasty / Via Facebook: buzzfeedtasty

    Or drench it, IDC, I don't make the rules.

    ...or top it with a glob of guac.

    Allrecipes / Via


    They're far more portable than a basic-ass cheese stick.

    xharontong / Via

    Gogurt is also really missing out on the quesadilla market.

    While others can be as large as your home.

    ivettanali / Via


    If your hunger is monstrous, a flour tortilla will do.

    Twitter: @Its_Brittany_T


    But if you're just looking to snack, corn is where it's at.

    Twitter: @MaryWabiYabur

    "I'll take seven."

    Quesadillas bring friends together...

    ...make great selfie partners...

    ...and are always fun if ya just wanna tease a dog.

    Twitter: @alleloh

    😩 But that's also just plain mean.

    Or have a dog tease you.

    Those who question the power of the quesadilla are missing out, because in reality...

    chilecomexgrill / Via is actually melted cheese sandwiched in between two tortillas. ❤️

    Twitter: @chlocaines

    Now go grab one!

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