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    Updated on May 31, 2019. Posted on May 23, 2019

    17 People Who Need To Be Banned From Facebook Immediately

    The "other messages" folder is best kept closed.

    1. This man who apparently hasn't seen a fish in his life:

    2. This guy who will return in another three years to complete the trilogy:

    3. This guy who broke up with a girl he was never with:

    4. This guy who is down to skip the whole dating thing:

    5. This guy who's a total horse boy:

    6. All of these men who will forever live in an "other messages" inbox:

    7. This creepy poet:

    8. This guy who bullied himself:

    9. This guy who shouldn't be out in public:

    Had to check my Facebook 'other' folder and remembered this gem, a classic of the genre

    10. This delusional dude:

    11. This guy who has a lot going on his life:

    Twitter: @PrincessShizun

    "Crush my balls with you high heels and piss in my mouth. My god.. 😍"

    "My mother passed away at 7am.."

    12. This person who didn't even bother to say "please":

    On Facebook messenger there's a "filtered message" button this came up on mine 🙃

    13. This dude who gave a weird sermon:

    14. This dude who...tried:

    15. This guy who should probably be investigated:

    16. This person who can't be trusted:

    17. And finally, this guy who can't take a hint: