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    17 Birds That Make Their Own Rules

    Fun fact: Geese originate from the pits of hell.

    1. This bird that did as any of us would do:

    u/trashlyfe / Via

    2. This bird that tried to decapitate its friend:

    u/trashlyfe / Via

    3. This bird that left its mark for life:

    u/hazysummersky / Via

    4. This goose that was ready to attack at any given moment:

    u/tabbyexe / Via

    5. And these geese who lived up to their name:

    u/bobcats2019 / Via

    6. This bird that said, "I'm the only thing you should be looking at":

    u/Dakaramor / Via

    7. This bird that basically taunted the person it stole from:

    This guy just got robbed by a crow at my WaWa

    8. This crow that started some sports drama:

    u/chickenofthewoods / Via

    9. This seagull that had an ice cream craving:

    dalyntara / Via Instagram: @dalyntara, dalyntara / Via Instagram: @dalyntara

    10. This seagull that just wanted to be the center of attention:

    CityTV / Via

    11. This pigeon that held this person hostage:

    u/losersonstrike / Via

    12. This parrot that can't be left alone for longer than 1.2 seconds:

    u/blindtits / Via

    13. This parakeet that had a whole lot of chaotic energy:

    My grandma was born blind and my grandpa was completely blind by the age of 13 and when they got married they had a parakeet who talked and learned to imitate my grandma’s voice and the little guy was constantly bossing my grandpa around and stressing him out. what a bird

    14. This chicken that went on a joyride:

    u/partylikegatsbyyy___ / Via

    15. This cockatoo that wasn't about to be told where it could and couldn't stand:

    YOOOO, this cockatoo is deadass tearing down anti-bird spikes 😂😂😂 he said fuck the police

    16. This bird that knew exactly what it was doing:

    17. And finally, these pigeons that went after a guy who poured popcorn all over himself. To be fair, the pigeons aren't to blame:

    u/Nemesinthe / Via