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    15 Plants That Live For The Drama

    No one puts on a better performance than a thirsty plant.

    1. This pothos that just craved a little water and attention:

    u/mitchellered / Via

    2. This plant that put on a whole performance:

    literally forgot to water for ONE day.... the dramatics

    3. This plant that got a new home and immediately perked up:

    u/waytoovegan / Via

    4. This plant that was grateful to be resurrected:

    i revived my friends plant, Plantasia, yesterday and i’m really proud of myself

    5. This broccoli plant that became very sad:

    u/Squints_Forever / Via

    6. This plant that said, "LOL, just kidding":

    I have this dramatic ass plant that DIES if I forget to tend to it for like 2 days then after half a day by the window it’s like ok nvm we good :)

    7. This coleus that played dead:

    u/Nastaayy / Via

    8. This parsley plant that knows how to get what it wants:

    u/dont_tip_waitresses9 / Via

    9. This plant that changed its mind:

    I call this plant my little drama queen. “help me I’m dyiiiiiiing … oh wait I’m ok nvm”

    10. This plant that got a mood boost:

    u/svdel / Via

    11. This plant that deserves an Oscar:

    @Olivia_Crowley polka dot plants rly do be puttin on a show🙄

    12. This fittonia that came alive before our very eyes:

    Fun plant video 🌿💛 after watering. Fittonia’s are so dramatic 😂

    13. This plant that has a supportive parent:

    in just a few hours. she’s dramatic but i get it.

    14. This plant that got some much-needed rest overnight:

    this plant is such a drama queen. luv her

    15. And finally, this plant that said, "You want drama? I'll give you drama":

    u/DJssister / Via

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