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    14 Tweets That Prove Dogs Are The Epitome Of Joy Rising

    Their love is boundless and eternal.

    1. This dog who couldn't believe his eyes:

    So I’ve come back home from uni and today I took my dog on our first walk together since being back and he won’t stop looking up at me like this

    2. This dog who showed their gratitude with kisses:

    This man rescued this pitbull from being a bait dog and this is them being reunited. (For anyone having a bad day)

    3. This dog who excitedly showed off their toy:

    I hope someday the boy who loves me gets as excited to see me as my dog did when my dad came home from deployment

    4. This dog whose breaks went out:

    If you ain’t as excited to see me as my dog then fuck out my face

    5. These dogs who made sure their owner would never leave again:

    I just got home from a work trip. Please enjoy my reunion with the dogs

    6. These dogs who said, "No fence can contain us":

    the dogs I look after were a bit too excited to see me. rip gate

    7. This dog who's been waiting for this moment:

    PURE JOY: A woman and her dog are reunited at a fireworks celebration after the dog went missing for over two weeks, and their reactions are sure to put a smile on your face!

    8. This dog who didn't know what to do with all this excitement:

    Reunited with my dog after going outside to get the mail <3

    9. This dog who was glad to finally go home:

    In honour of #NationalMuttDay, here's a video of what happens when I pick up my mutt Boogie from the Petropolitan doggie daycare. (Rescuing our dog and cat is the best thing we've ever done. You should do it too.)

    10. This dog who is forever grateful:

    Smokey, a dog rescued from a fire with severe burns, was reunited with the veterinarian who saved his life...

    11. This dog who literally smiled:

    Haven't seen one of my family friends dog in a week and this how excited he was to see me😂❤️

    12. This dog who practically flew:

    Everybody look how excited my dog was to see me 😭🥰

    13. These dogs who got the ultimate surprise:

    I haven’t seen Yeti in two months so I decided to hide and surprise her when I got home and she was SO excited to see me I almost cried!!!! we don’t deserve dogs!!!!

    14. And finally, this dog who jumped for joy:

    @ellhaworth @sierrafagon My dog when i went home😂❤️



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